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Meet This Year's Couple!

Meet Olivia and Cody Hawkins


Meet our 2024 Birdies for Babies Ohio Beneficiary Couple!
Olivia & Cody Hawkins

When Olivia and Cody got married in the peak of COVID they decided to get settled into married life for a couple years before trying to grow their family. 

In 2022 they decided it was time and began trying to start a family. Almost immediately Olivia got pregnant, then heartbreakingly suffered a loss.  

After years of testing, medications, surgeries, and infertility treatments, they had to hit pause on moving forward with IVF due to financial constraints.  

"We were extremely grateful to hear about Birdies for Babies Ohio through a colleague at work, and have been following the organization ever since,"  said Olivia.

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