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Meet This Year's Couples!

We are so excited to announce that this year we will be able to help TWO couples in their journeys to start a family! 


Meet Preston & Jenna Keiffer 

Preston & Jenna Keiffer!  Preston and Jenna have been trying for a baby since 2018 and IVF is the next step for them to try. 


“We never expected that we would be a couple that would have a difficult time conceiving. The love in our hearts and the desire to become parents is in every fiber of our being. However, month after month and negative test after negative test, we became more heartbroken. We are so ready to become parents, but it is not happening for us,” said Jenna.


They both have such a love for children that they have both dedicated their lives to caring for kids as well. Jenna is a pediatric nurse at Dayton Children’s and Preston is a pediatric resident there. While they truly love being able to be around children every day and make a difference in their lives, they are ready to start a family of their own.


Jenna is originally from Indiana and Preston grew up in New Jersey. They met while attending Indiana University and have been together now for nine years. 


Meet Mitchel & Maria Poeppelman

Maria and Mitchel have been trying to start a family for almost 2 years and the doctor's have told them that it is now time to try IVF.


"We keep telling ourselves, 'this is just short term.' The daily struggles and bouts of anxiety and sadness are just short term. Then with every failed attempt, every missed vacation and time not spent with family and friends we are reminded of the 'what ifs' and possible long term effects of this journey," said Maria.


Maria and Mitchel are high school sweethearts. They have been together 11 years, and married for the last 4 years. Mitchel is a mechanical engineer and Maria is a speech language pathologist working with her favorite population of students, preschoolers. They have recently expanded their family with a goldendoodle puppy, named Zoe.


In the past two years Maria and Mitchel have helped welcome six new babies to the family born to their siblings. With the help of Birdies for Babies Ohio they are hoping to add one (or two) more!

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