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Meet This Year's Couple!

Meet Jared & Danielle Dittmar


Their infertility journey started about a year ago with a positive pregnancy test. However their dreams and excitement for the future were quickly crushed when they experienced an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Unfortunately, ectopic pregnancies cannot continue in the tube nor can be moved. If not detected it can even be life threatening to the mother. As they discovered when the first ectopic pregnancy ruptured Danielle's fallopian tube resulting in emergency surgery. After months of healing, they were cleared to try to conceive again - and did. Unfortunately, the second pregnancy was another ectopic. With early intervention this time they were able to avoid another surgery.

After more months of healing, they were referred to Springcreek Fertility Clinic. After testing, it was concluded that there was increased risk of another ectopic if we tried to conceive naturally again. In addition to the risk of more heartbreak and pain, the physical risks to Danielle were too high. The safest intervention for them would be IVF.

"Our journey has been hard, some days there’s frustration and sadness, but most are filled with positivity, courage and strength to keep moving forward. We continue to stay hopeful and optimistic that we will be parents one day," said Danielle.

Jared and Danielle have been married for almost 2 years after being introduced 7 years ago at our friend’s going away party. They instantly connected (the biggest factor being their dogs; her German Shepherd, Roman, and his Lab, Milli). Danielle recalled, "He asked for my number to go to the dog park sometime and the rest is history."

Danielle is a Physical Therapist Assistant in a skilled nursing facility that focuses on rehabilitating patients to return home safely from a hospital stay. Jared is a small business owner, doing what he loves, selling cars. He also recently started a tow truck business as well!

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